and welcome to my onlinebased CV. I've had this site running since 2001 and I enjoyed creating it and at the same time adding a tool of value for myself and future employers. For myself, this site shows my own development and perhaps helps me to find out where I want to go next. For an employer or recruiter it shows that I'm serious in my intensions/ambitions and where I've been until now.


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Technical Skills

This is a collections of systems that I have knowledge about. They are rated in how many years I have been working with them. I have solid knowledge about several other systems, but these are in my main focus and most widely known to others.

  • Windows Server Systems19 years

  • MS-SQL Server System17 years

  • Webtechnologies14 years

  • Automatizations14 years

  • IBM DB27 years

  • VB.NET6 years

Work Experience

Below is my present and former employments and roles.

DBA - Apsis International AB 2015 - Present

Responsible for entire DB-environment which includes several production-sites and multiple development instances. Apsis has several VLDBs online which are handled daily by me.

• Performed several major analysis of the entire environment spreading from MSSQL2008 to MSSQL2014.

• Worked very close with the developers in supporting their development and tuning queries. Developers spans multiple teams and countries.

• Been exposed to many different engine-specific issues and optimized all parts of the MSSQL-installations. From HW to OS further on to MSSQL-installations and configurations. From there, on to queryoptimizations and DB-design.

• Supported development with databasedesign tasks and indexing.

• Getting into cloudbased computing at both Azure and AWS.

• Part of a securityteam and related tasks.

• Assisted other teams with knowledge about HW/VM/storage and storageperformance.

• Suggested and built the foundation for a new datawarehouse which will get aggregated data from OLTP to support faster queries and to reduce online data.

• Owner of several projects for migrating databases from MSSQL 2008 and later. Currently all environments runs on 2014.

• Handled all MSSQL-related clusters and supported our hostingpartner with these tasks.

• Responsible for assessing new hardware for storage and for the MSSQL-engine. Moved and optimized performance and several of the VLDBs.

• Daily monitoring and built my own size-tracker in Qlikview for monitoring DB-sizes over time. 3rd party monitoringtool was Idera SQL DM.

• Made automations using Powershell and TSQL.

• Worked with many other departments (eg support/sales) to help customers with either product- and customerspecific tasks or restore of customerdata.

• Attended SQL PASS in Seattle and several similiar conferences. Also started to look into other DB-types like NoSQL and Keyvalue.

• Managed MSSQL-, MSDN- and tool-licenses.

DBA - Malmö Stad 2012 - 2015

Responsible for the entire environment based on Microsoft SQL-server. It's a very big shop with every version rolling from MSSQL 2000 up to latest. Very fun and interesting to be part of the environment and all the different systems attached to the MSSQL-servers. Also have a role as service manager for MSSQL.

• Service manager for MSSQL which includes budget and follow-ups, constant contact with underlying dependencies such as SAN/HW/VM/Network. Also includes developing/maintaining costs/revenue for the service based on different HA/DR-needs. The role also gives permission to address very critical issues which are solved ad-hoc with high costs. Also responsible for making the service more efficient and streamlined.

• Created new services for the customers eg like an option for dataware-house and analysis needs. Isolated the services to a separate environment to increase CPU-time and to be able to see costs more clearly.

• Owner of several projects for migrating databases from MSSQL2000-clusters to 2008 and later.

• Worked with clustersetups from primarily Microsoft but also from Veritas. Every clustersetup will be built on Microsoft's solution in the future. Most implementations are based on enterprise version.

• Part of a small team to implement Qlikview and to further develop QDF and supporting Qlikview-developers. Very interesting and fun tool which I want to learn more about.

• Daily monitoring of databases/OS using scripts and Quests DBA Toad and Spotlight.

• Made automations using Powershell and VB.NET.

• Worked with project leaders and developers both from within our own organisation and externally.

• All issues were used and handled according to ITIL.

• Responsible for my own personal development which Im eager about. Attended SQL PASS in Seattle and serveral similiar conferences.

• Managed MSSQL-, MSDN- and tool-licenses.

Service Delivery Consultant/DBA - Logica Sweden AB 2011 - 2012

Responsible for making the daily operations run even more automatic than before and also the improvement of the delivery. By using ActiveBatch and by doing a few really deep analyses many ineffective patterns were found and the work to remove them from the systems are in progress.

• Performed several deep and thorough analyses on both the systemsetup itself and also and the arithmetics concerning what we call date-blueprint.

• Part of serveral projects aiming at optimizing the concept and making the operations run smoother and without errors.

• Planned for and helped create a maintenancefree year-plan of jobs for 37 customers. Every month, about 3000 jobs/customer is executed.

• Have a role as SDC, Service Delivery Consultant, which is a role with responsibility for the delivery of the entire service but also the quality of the service. Im the connection between the operations and the developers for the delivery.

• Worked with DB2 and Microsoft SQL-server

• Made automations using Powershell and VB.NET

• Helped develop materials for the salesdepartment. It was a presentation of the delivery with less technical notes, easier to understand for non-technical personel.

• Worked with ITIL and other SDC's to try to improve the ITIL-usage in the delivery.

• Worked a lot and close with almost all of the customers to help them understand the new year-plan and to evaluate their needs.

MS Dynamics Superuser/Developer/DBA - Fyrklövern AB 2010 - 2010

Part of a team to implement Microsoft Dynamics (DAX) which was replacing the old ordersystem based on IBM mainframe. The solution was built to handle B2C which was a problem for DAX which is built for B2B. I was recruted to the role as an DAX superuser and DBA but this project turned out to be long overdue. This was the reason that I quit the job after mere 4 months.

• Performed several deep database analysis and found a few performance problems which were corrected.

• Was involved which several developers and different projects in order to get into the role as a superuser for DAX.

• Developed several minor applications as sideprojects which were sideshows to DAX. Helped the sales- and purchasedepartments with some automatizations.

• Had a role as an adviser for MSSQL and the databasesetup as an consultant after I decided to take on other challenges.

• Worked with Microsoft SQL-server on a daily basis.

• Made automations using VB.NET.

Operationsmanager/Programmer/DBA - Visma Collectors AB2006 - 2010

Responsible of making sure the daily operations worked as expected and for making every task in the day-to-day business automated. This is being done by coding in Object Basic and Visual Basic. Responsible of making sure the daily operations worked as expected and for making every task in the day-to-day business automated. This is being done by coding in Object Basic and Visual Basic.

• Changed the way the operations are being processed by pinpointing the areas of incomplete processes. Those were eliminated by achieving full automatic job chains using Visual Basic and various scheduling tools.

• Responsible for security and operations regarding databases and systems connected to them.

• Developed and maintained scripts written in Object Basic for imports and exports of various data.

• Responsible for switch-over into the Visma-network and changing phones from ordinary copper-based to IP-phones (Cisco).

• Planned for and realized implementation of Exchange-server.

• Optimized databases and servers as needed.

• Responsible for hardware and security. Outsourced the maintenance of the servers, planned for and moved the entire server parkto 3:rd party ASP-center.

• Operated and planned for the networks and firewalls. Secured traffic through firewalls using high encryption VPN between offices. Optimized and upgraded networks to improve network usability.

• Responsible for planning the daily operations regarding priorities and solutions.

• Involved in projects regarding new customers as a adviser and responsible for having the technical requirements in place according to the project planning.

• Responsible for operations on all of our platforms eg Windows 2003 Server, SQL-server 2000, batch-servers and such.

• Every purchase of equipment went through me regarding licenses, HW and SW.

ASP-technician/Consultant/DBA - WM-data AB2002 - 2006

Installed several systems that handles +15'000 users, all against the same database. Automated the installationsprocess; reduced installationtime from 3 days to 1 with scripts and rsp-files. Creation of the databases (8) were also automated.

• Technical project leader for internal and external project regards installation of our concept. 9 of 9 projects were success stories.

• Helped developers converting our system from DB2 to MS-SQL-server due to market requests. Installed on one client with success (1/1).

• Part of a group that help developers install and test new releases of our applications. Also helped keeping our manual updated and correct.

• Worked alot with ActiveBatch 4.0 and later 5.0. This was part of the automationplan. The process has been progressing successful and is already saving the ASP-central much time every day. Have been writing many scripts to get different tasks automated. Primarily in language Object REXX but also languages like VB.

• Have a close relationship to the salesdepartment since Im helping them with their salespecific environments and have also done a lot of presale jobs on both DB2 and MS-SQL-server.

• Planning and testing for the deployment of Citrix Presentationserver 4 which hopefully will erase the printerproblems that have haunted Citrix-installations for years.

Linux/Windows administrator/technician/DBA - FS Data AB2001 - 2002

Much configuration and adaptions made in the operation environment on both the Windows- and Linux-platform.

• Worked alot with Apache 4.x and sendmail.

• POP3/IMAP hosting

• Learned BIND-8, DNS-server for BSD and Linux and related network configuration.

• Administrated a lot on MS-SQL and MySQL.

• Help customers per mail/phone, mostly network/mail and web-related problems. Also programming and database optimizations.

Consultant - IT Gården2001 - 2001

• Helped the salespeople with analysis and research.

• Worked with Watchguard-firewall family among others. Did a few installments and also had roadshows for clients on new network appliances, mostly HP.

• Did a few security-reviews to establish a base securityline for different customers. The review included everything from shellsecurity and client passwords to keeping important data offsite.

• Worked once again with Exhchangeserver and other POP3/IMAP-based mailservers.

• Did sophisticated network troubleshooting using various tools.

• Helped and organised the move of serverrooms for a few customers.

Application technician/DBA - IBM Sweden AB2000 - 2001

• Worked with IBM DB2, learning how the data is stored and maintained.

• Worked with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM Director.

• Helped developers starting a concept called DAM (a webbased application for reaching out to employees without a userid or workstation). Was part of a group creating the first ASP-pages and drawing the first sketches of the concept outlining a big project. This project was very succesful since almost all of the customers bought it. Roughly measured probably 70'000 to 200'000 users uses the concept.

• Did a lot of customer analysis and performance optimizing at customer sites. Took a role as adviser to client in how to secure their data and keeping the system running 24/7.

• Tested and deployed Citrix which was the launch of the new ASPenvironment for customers working over internet.

• Planned, tested and deployed a plan for disaster recovery which we also sold to our customers. The plan enabled you to have the system back up online even though the primary database-server was corrupted or even crashed.

Consultant - Merkantildata AB1999 - 2000

• Worked alot with standardized clients and how to setup such standards.

• Troubleshooting clients, networks (routers, firewalls, switches), servers (Windows NT4 and Novell 3-4.11) and printers.

• Worked with various marketleading applications such as Exchangeserver, NT4.0, Novell Netware v3 - v4.11, ZenWorks and much more.


Information System - Merkantildata SI1998 - 1999

• This was a private education paid by Merkantildata and sponsored by government funds. The goal was to bring new developers and system engineers into the technical field. It was a very intensive year with high requirements. We basically needed top scores on all exams, which I and a few others succeeded with.

• Studied how systems are built, organizations around various system and planned projects. Subjects like math (including binary), swedish and project management were on the schedule (besides the technical).

• When not intensive, this education would take up to +3 years to complete.

Economics - Tycho Brahe1993 - 1996

During this time I studied the society- and economics-program. I found it to be really interesting, but not the thing that I wanted to work with. The reason why I took the economic part was because I wanted to have my own business and wanted to know more about the inner workings. It was a really good education and I graduated with good grades.